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Wireless Headsets


Quail Digital Pro11 Healthcare Headset System



Clear discrete audio communication between physicians and clinical staff in interventional cardiovascular and other minimally invasive therapeutics results in safer, more effective workflows and treatment.

Our lightweight, digital, wireless communications system for clinicians, physicians and assistants to talk hands-free as a team, in the interventional OR or hybrid suite, at monitoring stations, through adjacent control rooms and ancillary areas.

Operating on high quality DECT frequencies, the system is encrypted to avoid interference from other devices or powerful emissions in the OR. Multiple systems can be used in the same premises without break-through.

It comprises a wall-mounted base station, up to 30 headsets and 6-port headset charger/storage racks.


Quail Digital Pro9 Drive-Thru Headset System

…Is an industry first...combining the latest design in high quality DECT digital wireless headsets with integral lane timing, customer-recordable greetings and crew prompts.

The system takes the user experience to a new level for audio quality, comfort, flexibility and features for greater productivity and performance.

It operates on the high quality 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band with base station to give extended range inside and outside restaurants. It is fully configurable for single lane, tandem and dual lane all from a single base station.

State-of-the-art, durable headsets are totally wireless and operate hands-free, talk-Lock and push-to-talk modes.

Drive Thru Timing

Summit Pure Timer (industry-leading technology) is a multi-sensory solution engaging crew and management with:

* Easy to understand color coded screens (in store).

* Live real time data and graphics (in store/HQ).                                      

* Audible alerts when target times or KPIs are missed (in store).

* Cloud-based reporting and advanced analytics (HQ).

* Automated push-alerts, notifications or reports (email/mobile phones/...).




Quail Digital Pro10 Headset System



Gives you high quality wireless team communication....designed to improve team productivity in retail, hospitality and business. Headsets empower staff to give customers a better experience, solving queries, seeking assistance, locating stock, finding the expert, quicker. It is also a security assistant whenever needed.

The system comprises hands-free lightweight wireless digital headsets for up to 30 users, with options to integrate headsets with checkout keypads, POS systems, customer help-points and passive alarm systems.

The system operates on the high quality 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band with range and coverage exceeding 200,000 sqft.