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We simply select, localize & support the best in technology & field proven products from our partners in UK, Europe, Australia & USA (OEM industry leaders), then deliver to our customers in middle east with the easiness they expect & the language they speak.

About us


Advanced Electronic Systems Solutions (shortly Advanced Systems Solutions) is a privately held VAR established 2010 in Saudi Arabia & provides its products/services to customers in different countries in middle-east (e.g Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt…etc). In order to meet its specific customer needs in the region, the company built strong partnerships with reputable OEM's / software vendors in UK, Europe, Australia & USA. Since 2010, the company is the distributor of Quail Digital (UK) systems in middle-east (Drive-Thru / Health-Care & Team wireless headset systems). In 2022 the company partnered with a giant pioneer of industry-grade robotics manufacturer from Malaysia "Ideasparq".

Through the years, we've built a network of competent local partners (re-sellers/installers) who fulfill together with the company highest level of professional services that meet international standards 

In 2018 we launched our proprietary tax engine (VAT4G) to assist businesses in gulf region meeting obligations of the then new taxation system applied for the first time in GCC. VAT4G also enables businesses to issue e-invoices imposed in Saudi Arabia Dec 04th, 2021.

Industrial Grade Robotics

Our experienced support team is always ready to give hand to our valuable customers

We provide local technical Support for our customers. This includes :

  • Determination of their exact needs & suggesting suitable cost-effective solutions
  • perfect installation / implementation of equipment & software.
  • training of customer's staff on the solution & best practices. 

Quail Digital Professional  Wireless Communication Products

نظامنا المتخصص في الفواتير الإلكترونية والمحاسبة الضريبية

(معتمد من هيئة الزكاة والدخل بالسعودية)

                        click to visit V4G  إنقر هنا لزيارة الموقع الخاص بنظام 

    Our proprietary E-invoicing, accounting & taxation system

                          Deep Freeze

         makes your computers literally indestructible!!!

Protect Your Investment with The Middle East Experts in :

  • Drive-Thru.
  • Health-care Wireless Communications. 
  • Short Range Team Communications. 
  • Network / Computer Protection. 
  • Educational IT.

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